FAST PACED. POWERED BY TRENDS. CULTURE. PERSONAL PERCEPTION. QUESTIONABLE MORALS. These are the concepts this group of Generation Z artists and designers grew up in. They thrive around a distorted form of connectivity that creates what it seeks in a bottomless abyss of noise.



In the midst of all the chaos, these creatives aim to shed light on the darkness, be the clarity of the noise, and hope to bring society in the world as they perceive it. It’s about authenticity, design integrity and detaching from norms of a system that society established.

SoFA Design Institute

SoFA Design Institute aims to deliver a rigorous, design-focused educational experience that promotes creativity, technical proficiency, and business acumen. Passionate visionaries are molded to shape and lead the world of design.


Nine young aspiring artists from the SoFA Design Institute SHS Graduating Class of 2020 who are willing to break boundaries, push their limits, and ready to commit to what they stand for.