Lance Perez

Lance is an 18 year old artist and designer. He was born in Tiaong, Quezon Province. His works are influenced by his personal experience, society, and the culture and traditions in his province. He solidly believes that the world is naturally very chaotic. People can either choose to live in such chaos or create their own worlds where chaos would not thrive.

Rue Gravidez

Rue Gravidez is an 18 year old Filipina conceived either on her father's birthday or on Valentine's day of 2001. She mainly uses oil paint and oven baked clay. She works on pieces that include diverse facial features as a way to appreciate different races and universal beauty rather than just the common blue eyed blondie with a 'perfect body'.


DLEIA is an up and coming designer who shares her musings and convictions in both visual form and text. She showcases her unique flare as she tackles different societal issues. Her works challenge people to examine their thoughts and beliefs. DLEIA hopes to engage those who disagree her; and she aspires to affirm the thoughts and feelings of those who do agree with her.

Vince Pulgar

Vince Pulgar's works are versatile and ever changing. He leaves the audience questioning his true artistic identity with each work. He enjoys wrapping his deep thoughts and messages in vibrant and playful colors. He firmly believes that a good designer must take into account diversity in people's point of view. He carefully considers the different ways people relate to artworks and objects.

B. Mariano

B. Mariano, also known as Bhea Casas, is an emerging artist and designer who tells stories about things she values - one’s upbringing, perspective and experiences. Her art reveals the stories, ideas and sentiments that she kept hidden while growing up. These stories are wrapped in symbolisms, and these are open to the interpretation of her audience. She believes that there are no rules when it comes to how people should perceive things. She welcomes the various opinions and thoughts as she believes that every perspective is valid and real. She wants people to explore life and art with her. To B. Mariano, power is about walking in your own truth.

Chandice Lim

Art created from the inner depths of one’s feelings and experiences is what Chandice believes in. She is adventurous and always likes to try new things. Her art are windows to her soul as they always represent her emotions and current state of mind.

Jules Martinez

Jules Martinez is an artist and an aspiring fashion designer who sees and believes in the beauty of things no matter how painful or happy they may be. This optimism is what inspires her to create her art. As a creative individual, she aims to inspire others as she continues to creatively express herself doing what she loves.


Name, Title

Bonifaciiiio is a rebel with a purpose who is not afraid to translate her thoughts through tangible forms of expression from acrylic paintings to performance art. Her art evolves around the idea that “Norms are made to be challenged”. Sensible, yet brutal in expressing her inner thoughts concealed in an obscure form of art. Her art speaks about traditional Filipino religious beliefs, feminist ideas, sexuality, family upbringing, and politics --- all expressed in an explorative and unfiltered manner. Simply put, Bonifaciiiio’s art is surrealism in the most honest form.

William Pink

William, a persona created on the 2nd of May 2020, creates work solely focused on himself, his thoughts and emotions. He continues to create non-conformist art that evolves for the world to see.